Blonde Bombshell Tomi Lahren became a superstar overnight after she thouroughly dismantled Barack Obama in a video that went mega-viral.

Since that day, Tomi has not let up.

She may have moved from One America News over to The Blaze, but that’s about all that changed.

Not only is Lahren drop-dead gorgeous, but she’s incredibly smart.

She’s the whole package.

Check out her take on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Well worth the watch!

From TMN:

The tree huggers have been camping out in North Dakota to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline will make it easier to transport oil, but environmentalists have gone berserk over it. They have even committed arson in this land they say is sacred.

Conservative internet legend Tomi Lahren knows quite a bit about this project as she is from the area. And she has some strong words for those who oppose DAPL and are trashing her backyard.


Get it, girl!