You and I were smart enough to understand that Barack Obama was never going to be good for the nation.

We knew from day one.

Unfortunately, a lot of Obama voters now have buyers remorse after realizing he’s done absolutely nothing to benefit them.

Check this out…

From DC:

Sadly, America’s race relations are worse off under President Barack Obama, our first black president, says a passionate black graduate student who voted for him twice.

She blames Obama’s eight years of divisive governance spawning dangerous narratives of hate, not President-elect Donald Trump who is wrongly labeled by elites as divisive, even before taking office. Antonia Okafor rose to prominence because of her recent NRA ad, “I Didn’t Listen.”

In this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, she says she voted for Obama believing the false and dominant narrative being peddled through the black community that “just because he looks like me, he is best for me.” She then realized that “his policies are harming me, not helping me.” Now, she votes for policies, not the person. She casts herself as a black conservative and is optimistic about Trump’s policies.

The Trump victory, she thinks, was a broad cross-section of Americans of all races saying “enough” to the false narratives and overused labels being thrown at political opponents. As for the labels being thrown at GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Okafor says they only remind her of the disturbing and ridiculous labels given to her, like “racist, misogynist and sexist” or “deplorable” for voting for Trump.

Countering feminists, too, Okafor has worked with Students for Concealed Carry and been a passionate leader for more concealed carry policies on campuses as a means of personal empowerment, especially for young women. Besides being a frequent guest on Tomi Lahren’s popular show at The Blaze, she is now a journalist with the Independent Journal Review where her focus is on liberal bias on college campuses.

Okafor is “sad and disappointed” with Obama’s failures as the first black president. Instead of being a peacemaker, he gave license to a “dangerous narrative” that hateful people can do anything to whites because of their skin color. She hears others believing and promoting this disturbing belief, a belief reflected in the “heartbreaking” Chicago Facebook live video of the four blacks who tortured a white special needs boy.

Thank you for speaking the TRUTH!