Over 1,000 local and national political seats have switched from Democrat to Republican during Barack Obama’s eight years in office.


That’s insane.

It also tells you how much people hate his policies.

For the first time ever, Obama accepts some of the blame.

From Blaze:

President Barack Obama admitted Sunday that he never imagined Donald Trump would become president because he is out of touch with American people — saying that as president, he lives in a “bubble.”

That, of course, didn’t stop Trump from becoming the president-elect.

Responding to a question on ABC “This Week” from host George Stephanopoulos, Obama said that he most definitely believes that presidents should have term limits, citing two reasons: because the job is incredibly demanding and because it forces a person to live in a “bubble.”

“The bubble is the bubble,” Obama said. “And, I think we’ve done a pretty good job staying in touch with the American people. But at a certain point you can’t help but lose some feel for what’s on the ground because you’re not on the ground.”

Stephanopoulos followed up by asking if an example of Obama being out of touch was not realizing that Trump was connecting with the heartland of America and had a good shot at winning last year’s presidential election.

“You didn’t think Donald Trump could win,” he noted.

“Case in point,” Obama shot back. “So that tells me there’s a utility in the democracy refreshing itself on an ongoing basis.”

Better late than never, I guess.

But, 44 will not be missed.