It’s official.

We will know then-President Donald Trump’s nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy in early February.

Here’s the latest…

From Townhall:

Speaking at his first press conference of 2017, President-elect Donald Trump said that he expects to announce his nominee for the Supreme Court within two weeks of Inauguration Day. This puts the timeline at early to mid February, nearly exactly a year after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Trump has released a list of his potential nominees, and promised numerous times throughout the campaign and afterwards that his nominee would indeed come from that list. Notable figures on the shortlist include Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Twitter darling Justice Don Willett from Texas.

Here’s the list of nominee’s from which Trump will most likely choose (click the “Business Insider” link to read more about each one of them individually).

From Business Insider:

1. Keith Blackwell

2. Charles Canady

3. Steven Colloton

4. Allison Eid

5. Neil Gorsuch

6. Raymond Gruender

7. Thomas Hardiman

8. Raymond Kethledge

9. Joan Larsen

10. Mike Lee

11. Thomas Lee

12. Edward Mansfield

13. Federico Moreno

14. William Pryor

15. Margaret A. Ryan

16. Amul Thapar

17. Timothy Tymkovich

18. David Stras

19. Diane Sykes

20. Don Willett

21. Robert Young

Notice the name Mike Lee on that list?

That would be the conservative senator from Utah.