For the first time since being elected president, Donald Trump held a press conference today.

That’s when things got interesting.

The liberal hacks who call themselves journalists tried to corner Trump about his ties to Russia and Putin.

Then, Trump shut them up quickly!



From NYT:

The last time Donald J. Trump took questions from reporters in a formal news conference, in July, he called on Russia to hack his opponent’s emails.

As he stepped to the microphone in Trump Tower on Wednesday, his inauguration just a week away, the topics at hand were not all that different. Besides the unsubstantiated intelligence report about supposed Russian blackmail, he was questioned about his opaque and complex finances, his cabinet nominees and his policy agenda for the first days in office.

Trump for the win!

You can’t back The Donald into a corner. He knows how to weasel his way out.

This is why he won.

He won’t take any BS from the media.