A black Marine who is proud to serve his nation just sent Obama a scathing letter after watching the farewell address.

In short, he’s not thrilled with Obama – just like the rest of us.

Check it…

From National Insider Politics:

Mr. President

“For the first time, I can say that I am proud of my country”. No, these aren’t my words, they are the words of your wife when you took office in 2009. This set the tone for the kind of President you’d be and the kind of legacy you left behind.

Your speech to your adoring fans screaming “Fore more years!” makes for a good sound bite and video clip, but it doesn’t paint the picture of the tens of millions of regular Americans that voted you twice and gotten stabbed in the back for it.

You stood in front of hundreds of veterans and promised that their lives would be better after you took office, that they would get the care that their country owed them. Eight years later, the VA is more broken than ever and my brothers and sisters in arms are committing suicide at an all time high. You ignored the advice of wartime Generals and pulled troops out of an unstable country and gave rise to ISIS, the evilest group of people on the planet. This is your legacy.

Read the rest of the SCATHING letter here.

Here’s part of Obama farewell address…

Thank you, J!