President Donald Trump is shaking things up in this country big league, just as he said he would.

Half the country didn’t believe him.

They’ll soon come to regret it.

Only in office for seven full days, and Trump has already delivered $2 trillion to the U.S. economy.


From RW and R:

Oh what a happy time to be a conservative – and an investor.

Americans have been cheering President Donald Trump’s pro-business agenda for the country and we’re already starting to see the results. Most recently, Toyota’s $10 billion investment in the U.S. economy had American workers celebrating.

But there are many other examples, like Elon Musk’s commitment to bring more Tesla and SpaceX jobs to America, and overall, Trump’s impact has been absolutely undeniable.

The final tally is beyond impressive but now-President Trump isn’t about to stop there. He’s going to continue to bring money into this ailing economy and we only have one response to that: AWESOME.

For eight long years, the country, under the leadership of Barack Obama and his White House team af anti-capitalists, stalled on the economic growth front. And that included the 401K holders who watched, with alarm, as their investments and savings rode the wild and crazies, existing only an infusion of quantitative easing cash and government interference – magic money.

Great work, sir!

Keep it coming.

We love it.